This is our signature service, when you want a fresh, seamless palette for your entire home.

As you probably know by now, when it comes to picking paint color, there are endless options available! Thousands of choices and equally as many opportunities to get the colors wrong. It’s easy to go too boring or safe, or end up with colors that look entirely different on your wall than from the paint sample and don’t work with your style, artwork or furniture. If you’re choosing an entire palette it can be a huge challenge to find the right combination of colors that work well together.

Although paint is one of the least expensive options for updating your home and giving it a great lift, it’s still an investment. When you have to repaint not only is it more time and trouble, but more money as well.

Rather than struggle and stress over your paint colors, let us choose your paint palette for you.

For $165, here’s what you’ll receive:

*A custom Interior Color Palette chosen specifically for your home and rooms, with five, up-to-the-minute, designer approved paint colors by Benjamin Moore. You’ll be given colors, finishes and instructions on where to apply. As a bonus you’ll also receive our best color choice for your trim: baseboards, doors and molding.

*Even though we know you will love your Color Palette, you will receive up to 2 additional changes at no cost.

*Contact us for any questions that arise during the painting process.

We also offer a Color Palette for exterior paint colors for $100 when purchased with this package. The exterior package includes up to three colors.

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How does it work?

*We’ll have you fill out a short questionnaire so that we can get to know you better: your home, your lifestyle, your family and what mood you want to create in your home. This information is privacy protected, we will never ever share it with a third party. We will ask for interior photos of your home, of each room that you want to paint. Lighting, furniture and art will all play a part in picking your custom Color Palette.

*Next we’ll get to work on picking your Color Palette. Our delivery times are around one week, although it depends on the season and our client load. Once you sign up we will give you a guaranteed delivery date.

*We will deliver to you the exact paint colors and finishes, and where those colors will be placed. We’ll give details on where colors should break: where one ends and the other begins. You’ll give this information to your painter of choice, along with our contact details should they have any questions.

*If you are not thrilled with your Color Palette, we will work with you to modify it 2 times to your liking.

*Access to our design team via email to ask questions relating to your painting process.

What do you have to lose but hours of frustration and stress over picking your own paint colors?

This is for you if:

You have lost countless brain cells standing in the paint store trying to choose between 659 different shades of white.

You’re busy and don’t have time to become a paint expert already.

It’s hard for you to visualize how certain paint colors will look on your wall, and how they will work together. Paint colors also look different in various lighting and surroundings, and can change depending on the colors of your flooring, furniture and counters.  Colors also change depending on if they are a Gloss or Sheen finish. If this all sounds like a bunch of gobbletygook then you probably need some help picking your colors.

This is not for you if:

You were born with the innate skill of visualizing how all your paint colors will work seamlessly together.

You have lots of time in your schedule and your enjoy picking paint colors on your own.