If you’re feeling bad that you’re struggling to pick colors for your home, don’t!

Color is very specific and nuanced. It depends on lighting in your home, the items in your home like art, cabinets and furniture, and LRV, light reflective value. Not only do you have color to contend with but finishes: matte, eggshell, satin, which can also change the value of color.

When you need just a couple new, fresh colors for your home, we’re your ace in the hole.

Rather than struggle and stress over all your options, let us choose for you.

Life is too short to spend at the paint counter for hours on end, only to end up with either a boring choice or the wrong color altogether.

For $100, here’s what you’ll receive:

*Two custom colors chosen specifically for your home, after our design team has viewed your photos and considered the furniture, lighting and other elements that will affect this color, as well as the other colors throughout your home.

*Even though we know you will love this color combination, you’ll receive one more bonus color as a back up.

*Contact us for any questions that arise during the painting process.

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How does it work?

*We’ll have you fill out a short questionnaire so that we can get to know you better: your home, your lifestyle, your family and what mood you want to create in this space. This information is privacy protected, we will never ever share it with a third party. We will ask for photos of the area that you want to paint with these colors. Lighting, furniture and art will all play a part in choosing the right palette.

*Next we’ll get to work on picking your Custom Colors. Our delivery times are around one week, although it depends on the season and our client load. Once you sign up we will give you a guaranteed delivery date.

*We will deliver to you the exact Benjamin Moore custom colors and finishes, with one bonus color. We’ll give details on where these colors should break: where one color ends and the other begins. You’ll give this information to your painter of choice, along with our contact details should they have any questions.

*Access to our design team via email to ask questions relating to your painting process.

What do you have to lose but hours of frustration and stress over picking your own color?!