Benjamin Moore Color & Paint Trends 2019

Yesterday I attended a presentation about color trends at Benjamin Moore for 2019, and it was fascinating! Although these are the new trends laid out by BM, here I’m presenting my own thoughts and take on this information.
Important Note: all of these photos and slides came from Benjamin Moore and their presentation.

It’s no surprise at this point, since it was announced last October, that Metropolitan AF-690 is Benjamin Moore’s choice for color of the year, calling it “comforting, composed, effortlessly sophisticated, Metropolitan AF-690 finds common ground.” A lovely gray with warm beige undertones, it’s far from a stark, cold gray.

Aside from the Color of the Year, other trends in paint were discussed that I’m super excited to share:

1. Monochromatic Drama

Create more drama, interest and depth in a space by painting it all the same color, but in a variety of finishes. For example, paint the walls in a matte finish, and the floorboards and ceiling in a semi-gloss. This is expecially gorgeous and dramatic with dark colors, such as “Hale Navy”.

2. Think Outside the White Box

Did you know it was the Victorians that started the custom of painting trims white? Though white will always be a classic, a modern spin is to paint the floorboards, window trim and architectural elements in a color other than white. This is my favorite of the new trends, it’s unexpected but still so gorgeous and not at all “trendy”.  Here we see “Smoke” on the trims and ceiling, mixed with “Cloud White” on the walls and “Hale Navy”, on the inside window trim.

3. Deep Dive

Many times when someone is choosing a dramatic paint palette they stop at one dark color. Yet look at how mixing a couple deep, rich colors is SO gorgeous, and made even more so with metallic accents and lighting. Here we have “Hale Navy” mixed with “Beau Green” and “Cloud White”.

For more information on Benjamin Moore’s Color Trends and 2019 Palette of the Year, visit them here.