We speak color. Color is nuanced, mutable and affected by light and the other items in its surroundings. Which is why choosing color for your home can be so time-consuming, frustrating and hard.

Remember in school when Crayola had that awesome 64-color crayon deck? We wish. Now there are not hundreds but thousands of paint colors available! White is not just white, there are undertones and variations from yellow to pink to gray. Gray can easily morph into green or blue.

Picking one color is challenging enough, but how about choosing the entire palette for your home? How will those colors work individually as well as together? What finishes should you choose? Gloss or Sheen? What paint is best for durability, or for low VOC?

Enter Pick My Color, a service born of the frustration experienced by many at paint counters worldwide.

This e-design service can be used by anyone, anywhere. Just upload a few photos of your space and fill out our simple questionnaire, within 7 days you’ll receive your own custom color palette.

We offer 3 Color Consult Services:

  1. Our single color palette is perfect for one room, a door or cabinets. Pick 1 Color.
  2. When you need two colors to refresh your home that work seamlessly together and with your furniture, art and finishes, this choice is perfect. Pick 2 colors. 
  3. To refresh your whole home, our signature service offers a full, 5 color palette of up-to-the-minute, designer approved paint colors by Benjamin Moore. Pick My Color.