6 Tips to Make the Most of Your Tiny Space

The tiny house movement has arrived! And with it, tiny spaces. Which sound soooo great at the beginning, less money spent and less to clean, right?
Until you have to actually live in them, then these spaces take some special finageling to get just right.

1. Use average or smaller size furniture.
Unless you have soaring ceilings, having huge furniture in a tiny space will only make it appear tinier, like you’re living in Alice in Wonderland. Use smaller or modest size furniture to make the most out of your space.

Smaller furniture keeps a tiny space from looking overwhelmed.

2. Use mirrors to expand the space.
If at all possible, adding a large mirror to a wall or a grouping of mirrors can give the illusion that the space is larger. Even better, place the mirror on the opposite wall from your natural light source, which will reflect more light and make your space appear larger. Which leads us right into:

3. Use light to your advantage.
In a tiny situation the last thing you need is for the room to be dark. Open up those windows to allow in as much natural light as possible, and add recessed lighting and lamps a-plenty to help expand the space.

Lots of natural light and light colored walls help tiny spaces look larger.

4. Have your furniture items do double duty.
Pick a dining table that can also serve as the desk for your home office. Get a bed and sofa combination to take up less space. Every furniture item in a tiny space needs to be functional and pull a two-fer if possible, not just look pretty.

5. Get Organized!
This is one thing I’ve learned from my own foray into tiny spaces, you have to stay on top of your paperwork and clutter. You can create a cozy little space but if you have paperwork, dishes and leftover stuff hanging out it takes over fast.

Mirrors help to reflect light and expand tiny spaces.

6. Use Light Paint Colors on Your Walls
Light colors will expand your space and help it feel open and brighter. Use your art and other accessories to add color and bring personality to the space. If you’re adament about going with a richer color, consider painting this on the ceiling instead of your walls.

Tiny spaces are great, for so many reasons, but they do carry their own challenges when decorating.
If you’re in need of help with your own space, tiny or other, you can reach out to us here for a 20 minute private consultation.